1.1. Book, booklets

Annemiek Richters & Grace Kagoyire, eds. (2014) Of death and rebirth: Life histories of female genocide survivors. Torture: Journal on Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Prevention of Torture. Volume 24, Supplementum 1. With Introduction and Conclusion by Annemiek Richters.

Annemiek Richters, Rutayisire Theoneste na Kagoyire Grace, eds. (2013) Narapfuye Ndazuka: Ubuzima bw’abagore barokotse jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu Rwanda mu 1994. [Of death and rebirth: Life histories of Rwandan female genocide survivors]. Sociotherapy Program Bugesera. Dissemination 2 May, Nyamata, Rwanda.

Theoneste Rutyaisire, Annemiek Richters et al. (2001) I hear you, you hear me: Ten significant change stories gathered from after care participants by sociotherapists of the Anglican Church of Rwanda and Faith Victory Association Nyamata. Byumba: Anglican Church of Rwanda, Diocese of Byumba, Rwanda.

Also published in Kinyarwanda.

Annemiek Richters, Suzan van Brakel, Cora Dekker, eds. (2008) “‘Here we are’: Community based sociotherapy in Byumba”. Heemstede: SMART.

Also published in Kinyarwanda I 2009 under the title Umvure Nkuvure (Annemiek Richters, Cora Dekker, Ntibanyendera S. Elissam, Sarabwe Emanweli na Rév. Ngendahayo Emanweli (eds.)