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Emeritus Professor Annemiek Richters | From gifted loner to academic pioneer

Eylard van Hall

For Annemiek | Some history, a tribute and a personal note

Eduard Bonsel

A Dutch view of medical anthropology | Criticisms and suggestions

Thomas Maretzki


Age and high risk pregnancies | To what extent is knowing a contributor to medicalisation and suffering?

Grace Akello

A family | The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Ria Borra

Partner choice, arranged and forced marriages | Perspective of young people and their parents in the Dutch multicultural society

Leyla Cinibulak

Tale of Bosnia | What does it mean to live in Bosnia & Herzegovina? Live in a lie or illusion?

Milka Dančević-Gojković

Sociotherapy in the great lakes region of Africa | Group reflections and lessons learned from blocked social patterns in Congolese and Rwandan communities

Cora Dekker

The cultural interview | Connecting people?

Rob van Dijk

Loneliness and distress in old age | A note from Ghana

Sjaak van der Geest

Paternalism, gender and violence on wine farms | The Western Cape, South Africa in the early 1990’s

Diana Gibson

Seven years in Babel | Anthropological encounters in psychiatry

Simon Groen

‘Marriage is not a Boubou’ | The dark side of social capital

Lianne Holten

On death and family and anthropology

Arthur Kleinman

Asylum seekers facing indifference and inhumanity in the Netherlands

Sander Kramer & Ferko Ory

HIV sero-discordant couples and social capital in the great lakes region | Reflections on a theoretical framework

Anke van der Kwaak, Hermen Ormel, Rose Olayo & Betty Kwagala

Peer rejection in adolescence

Riny van Melzen

Socio-cultural inequities in health research | What does the intersectionality framework offer?

Janneke van Mens-Verhulst & Lorraine Radtke

Understanding the stigma of childlessness through the meaning of ‘mandatory motherhood’

Papreen Nahar

Travelling interventions and post-conflict societies | Doing sociotherapy in Rwanda

Emmanuel Ngendahayo & Theoneste Rutayisire

‘In Peru nobody dies of hunger’ | Weight loss and food practices among Peruvian domestic workers in Chile

Lorena Nunez C. & Dany Holper

The asylum request and the medical evidence

Janus Oomen

Amoebiasis – what’s the problem?

Ton Polderman

Depressive devitalisation and pervasive refusal syndrome | New child idioms of distress?

Ria Reis

The power of blood

Mineke Schipper

Friendship (and healing) in the ‘intersubjectivity of silence’ | A case illustration

Nasima Selim

Listening to women in the Congo | ‘Sharing being human’

Henny Slegh

‘We are now married with the UNHCR’ | Domestic violence in the context of refugee camps

Marian Tankink

Sorrow and hope among people with a life-threatening illness and those closest to them

Martine Verwey

Competing loyalties | The case of female genital mutilation

Erick Vloeberghs & Monica van Berkum, Pharos

Trauma dreams and reconnection

Marianne Vysma

The human rights discourse and disempowerment of indigenous migrant men in Mexico

Joan van Wijk

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