Roads & Boundaries

Roads & Boundaries

Travels in search of (re)connection

Marian Tankink & Marianne Vysma (editors)

AMB Diemen 2011

(ISBN 97890 79700 37 0, 276 pp., paperback, € 25,00)

Connection. The pain of disconnection. The necessity of reconnection. The essays in this book all explore aspects around the importance of the individual to be part of a group or culture, and how the sense of disconnection can be a source of disease and connection is associated with health.

Some articles look at the intricate web of power relations in which people have different roles that can include control, privileges, duties, commitments, and responsibilities. Others survey the subjective perception and the intersubjective space between people, that are both informed and influenced by a complex amalgam of biological, cultural, social, symbolic, political, economic and historical aspects that make up a community.

How to bring this rich sometime contradictory complexity into research and analytical frameworks? What might be in the best interest for the whole of a person? Intersectionality is one of the approaches that provides a very useful framework for integrating all the various tools in the medical-anthropological analytic toolbox.

All these themes are central to the work of Annemiek Richters, Professor in Culture, Health and Illness at the Leiden University Medical Center, to whom this volume is dedicated. The aim of this rich collection is to stimulate and inspire.

Marian Tankink is a medical anthropologist. She works as a senior researcher and technical advisor at HealthNet TPO.

Marianne Vysma is a Jungian psychoanalyst and medical anthropologist.