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Trauma care SA

Trauma care for migrants: Critical reflections on the South African experience"
SANPAD Research Project

I am the Dutch research partner in a team of South African researchers.

On 2 October 2012 a final seminar will take place with the following presentations resulting from the project:

Lorena Núñez
Faith Based Healing among Migrants and its Gender Transformations: The Case of Pentecostal Churches in Johannesburg"

Dostin Lakika & Peter Kankonde

“Exploring the Dynamics of Alternative Healthcare Seeking Behaviour among Congolese Migrants in Johannesburg


Melekias Zulu & Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon

"Umnyama: Migration and Misfortune in Inner-City Johannesburg"


Duduzile Ndlovu

“Breaking the silence of Gukurahundi”


Godfrey Maringira, Lorena Núñez, Annemiek Richters

“Between remorse and nostalgia: Coping with memory and identity problems among Zimbabwean soldiers in exile in South Africa” 


Glynis Clatchery

“A Safe Space within a Context of Past and Present Violence: Helping Child Refugees of War in Central Africa to Cope in Hillbrow, Johannesburg” 


Abstracts available on the website: